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What You Shouldn’t Pair With Leggings

  • December 9, 2022

A pair of quality leggings is taken to be one of the most versatile clothing pieces in any woman’s closet. They are neither as revealing as tights nor as heavy as jeans and are a more stylish and comfortable alternative to everyday shorts. In fact, they are now regarded as one of the most important women’s clothing essentials.

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However, leggings aren’t something that you can wear with whatever you feel like. You actually can’t wear them with certain items.

Don’t know about them yet? Haven’t followed the ‘leggings rules’ to date? It’s okay. Just read these tips given below and memorize them so as not to repeat the grave mistakes ever again.

NO Flip-Flops

Yes, it’s true that leggings are a casual clothing piece. However, experimenting with flip-flops is a bit too much, since the combination gives a lazy and sloppy look and not anything chic. Nobody is stopping you to play ‘’I dare’’ when you are inside your home, however, it’s advisable that you think twice before pulling such a stunt outside.

NO Bodysuits

A bodysuit is just too revealing and tight to wear with leggings which are again figure-hugging, tight pieces. Until and unless you have a flawless figure, partnering these two would lead to a mortifying camel-toe situation for you, which you won’t want when you are out on the streets.

NO Sports Bras

Of course, you can wear a sports bra along with your leggings, but it’s better if you keep it to the gym or yoga studio. While you see many celebs easily styling them for a cool streetwear look, it’s actually not that easy in your day-to-day life. After the training session, getting a cup of coffee, you wouldn’t want to feel self-conscious, would you?

NO High Heels

Leggings with stilettos aren’t impossible but it’s a very outdated look. It will give you the appearance of 80s disco fun. Also, they are a total contrast. While leggings offer you an unlimited amount of freedom, most high heels are uncomfortable. Besides, what good those new pointed-toes 5-inch heels would be if you trip on them, fall and break your neck? Think.

NO Party Dresses and Shimmery Tops

Until and unless you are intentionally going for a 90s grunge-inspired look, never pair leggings with a fancy top or a party dress. An ultra-chic dress, a fancy blouse, or a shimmering top don’t really go well with a tight, stretchable pair of leggings. Resist the temptation to ‘’stand apart in the crowd’’. Remember, leggings with such clothing pieces aren’t a classy combination for formal events and dinner dates.

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