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Yoga Wear Pieces That Every Figure-Conscious Lady Should Own

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  • August 25, 2023

Trying out a new balance pose or practicing a downward dog is challenging enough. You won’t like to make things harder for yourself by wearing too tight, sagging, or inappropriate clothing, will you? Therefore, it’s important to invest in suitable yoga wear.

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Every lady who likes to do yoga and be in shape always should possess these pieces:

Sports Bra

Your choice of sports bra should be based on your coverage needs and the size of the bra. High-strength classes usually include a lot of bending and twisting and thus need more support, while if you are into low-intensity workouts then lowering your support level will be fine. You will notice that most female yoga instructors when taking high-intensity classes wear only the sports bra minus any tee or tank top. This is because these bras are designed in such a way that they offer full coverage that comes with tees and tank tops.

Yoga Leggings

Look for yoga leggings that offer a good combination of comfort, flexibility, and breathability. Spandex-polyester-nylon blend leggings are great as they let moisture escape while changing postures. Pick high-waist yoga leggings if you are concerned about coverage during stretching or bending. If you want loose options for a specific kind of yoga then go for the ones that grip around your ankles. These days, the manufacturers bring different styles, cuts, and sizes, so you won’t face any problems while choosing the one you want.

Yoga Tees

Most women prefer to wear a tank top or a tight-fitting tee that sits right on their waist or hips. This is because the perfect fit prevents the hemlines from coming off the abdomen when bending. Tees crafted out of soft seams, moisture-wicking and breathable materials are ideal for intense yoga. These days, many yoga tees come with a built-in bra. Don’t forget to try one once before buying.

Yoga Jacket

Do you often need to go on errands after your yoga session? You may need a comfortable and warm yoga cover-up such as a sweatshirt, jacket, or hoodie, especially during the colder months. The extra layer would keep you from falling sick. By the way, you can always open the zip when you are feeling hot.

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